Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Brand: Bose
Product Code: 785593-0010

Price: $249.00

Snoring, traffic, and other noises keeping you awake? Bose noise-masking sleepbuds block out noise so you can get the rest you deserve. Instead of streaming music, Bose sleepbuds deliver soothing sounds that cover up unwanted nighttime noises and help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, they’re super comfortable and made to stay in place all night long, even if you sleep on your side.



Noise-masking earbuds block out noise so you can get to sleep and stay asleep.


Soothing sounds


Designed to help you sleep. Instead of streaming music, they deliver soothing sounds that cover up unwanted noise and help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


Choose from 10 pre-loaded soothing sounds, some optimized for masking and others for relaxation.


Comfortable and secure


Built to stay in and stay comfortable all night long even if you sleep on your side.


Truly Wireless


Truly wireless sleepbuds with no cords in your way, so you can move freely throughout the night.


Rechargeable Batteries


The rechargeable silver-zinc micro batteries in the sleepbuds provide up to 16 hours of use off one charge. Generally used in applications like hearing aids, these batteries are safe for wearable applications.


StayHear®+ Sleep tips


Comfortable enough to wear all night long regardless of sleeping position; available in three ear tip size options.


Wake-up alarms


Using the Bose Sleep app, you can set wake-up alarms that only you can hear, so you won't disturb the person sleeping next to you.


Rechargeable combination travel case/charger


This compact case conveniently stores and keeps sleepbuds safe; provides one full charge without having to plug them in.



·         Wireless:  Yes


·         Maximum Wireless Range:  30 feet


·         True Wireless:  Yes


·         Battery Life:  16 hours


·         Battery Charge Time:  8 hours


·         Wireless Connectivity:  Bluetooth


·         Noise Canceling:  No


·         Water Resistant:  Yes


·         Sound Mode:  Stereo





·         Sound Mode:  Stereo





·         Sound Isolating:  Yes


·         Bone Conducting Technology:  No


·         Carrying Case:  Yes


·         Integrated Amplifier:  Yes



Design:  Style




·         Headphone Fit:  In-Ear





·         Charging Accessory Included:  Case


·         Rechargeable:  Yes





·         Ear Cushions:  Yes


·         Number Of Ear Cushions Included:  3


·         Color:  White





·         Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts


2 Years


·         Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor


2 Years


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